Vision Sprinter Gummi Rubber Sole Wading Boots


Ready, steady, GO! Fly fishing maybe be considered as the Quiet Sport, but sometimes you have to hike long distances or move fast in order to hook a proper fish or two. In 2013 Vision introduced novel wading boots called Loikka with new Gummi rubber soles. These hardcore boots included all the experience they had gained and are still dream wading boots suitable for all imaginable conditions.

However, if you are to walk longer distances, you might find them a little bit heavy and the collar, although very supportive and well padded, maybe a bit hard on your ankle. Also, not all streams are equally hard for wading in general and for your wading boots in particularly. For those conditions Vision developed new Sprinter wading shoes. Lighter, leaner and with lower cut they resemble and feel very much like modern hiking boots. Strong construction with carefully selected materials together with proven Gummi sole (stitched through) make them a full-blooded wading shoe capable of surviving even the toughest wading environments with flying colors. A comfortable hiking shoe with respectable wading functionalities or a hardcore wading boot with great hiking capabilities. Either way, Vision are darn proud of them.

Lower cut, more like a modern hiking shoe
Strong PVC & nylon construction
Comfortable fit
Gummi sole with raised front which is also stitched through
Can be studded with Vision tungsten studs


Category: Vision

Type: Vision Sprinter Gummi Rubber Sole Wading Boots

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