Tibor Spey Fly Reels


Engraved with a Steelhead Salmon and traditional Celtic knot pattern, the Tibor Spey reel features a modified drag system with a drag knob outlined in ‰ÛÏwitness marks.‰۝ These marks allow you to precisely set, loosen, keep track of and then reset your drag for the various tippet tensions required while striking, fighting and delicately landing larger fish.

The Tibor Spey also features the QuickChange‰ã¢ spool system which allows you to change out spools on a moment‰۪s notice. With only a single moving part ‰ÛÒ the one-piece stainless steel end cap ‰ÛÒ there is nothing to remove, no loose parts, tricky threading or alignments.

Finished in our non-reflective traditional moss green, the Tibor Spey features its own unique spool design that's also available, and is precisely weighted and balanced for the heavier lines and rods used in this classic form of fishing.

After each use, Tibor QuickChange䋢 Reels should be rinsed thoroughly in fresh water. To disassemble a reel for cleaning, the only tool required is a penny. All reels are lubricated at the factory prior to assembly and relubrication is generally not necessary.

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Category: Regular Price, TIbor

Type: fly reels

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