Rio Scandi Floating Kit Fly Lines


A COMPLETE, READY-TO-GO package for the Spey angler ‰ۢ Packaged with a shooting head, suitable shooting line and 3 VersiLeaders ‰ۢ Easy loading design helps anglers make long, effortless casts ‰ۢ Printed ID system for easy recognition Scandinavian heads are designed to cast tight loops and make effortless, long distance casts with great presentation. RIO‰۪s Scandi Kit is a complete, ready-to-fish outfit, packed in a single box. Each kit includes a RIO Scandi head, built on the unique, ultra-low stretch ConnectCore, a suitably sized ConnectCore shooting line, and a selection of 3 different density, 10ft long VersiLeaders (except the 460 grain #7/8 kit comes with 7‰۪ Light Scandi VersiLeaders).

Collections: Fly Lines

Category: Regular Price, Rio

Type: Fly Lines

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