Rio In Touch Grand


Not only does this new Rio line help with mending, better floatation, lower water retention, and shooting further‰Û_ but, also the Connect Core feature is what Rio is branding ‰ÛÏInTouch‰۝. This is a newer core significantly reducing stretch and enhancing your hookup rate with increased sensitivity.

Additionally, Surefire is a distance gauging system Rio has developed using line colour as your guide. The head and forward body of the line has 20ft of a green section before turning grey for a further 18ft and then into a yellow running line. We love this especially in close quarters on still or running water.

If you are looking to have a heavier line to lift bigger sink tips, heavy flies or shoot through the wind then this is the answer. In our opinion this line is ideal for those who wish to feel the line and rod load, therefore improving timing and tracking. This is all possible because Rio have rated the Rio Grand line one full size heavier than the AFTM standard.

Additionally, remember this is a Rio product so the quality is always consistent as one of the leaders of fishing equipment.

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