Prosportfisher Stonefly Wings


Just like the Pro-Sportfisher Caddis Wings we have made a wing for adult and hatched stoneflies, combined with the Pro Stone Fly Nymph Shells you can make a “million-bucks” looking imitation of adult stoneflies in short time. Tie the wing in between nymph shell No. 1 and 2 and color it with a marker to match the color of the rest of the fly. We have made the two original wings into one piece to make it easier for you - and it is off course precut and ready to tie in. Simplicity at its best. Available in Large Approx 40mm, Medium 30mm, Small 24mm, X-Small 20mm, XX-Small 15mm, all sizes are approx and include the tying zone!!


Category: Wings

Type: Prosportfisher Stonefly Wings

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