Prosportfisher Soft Heads


The Pro Soft Head from Pro Sportfisher is the best predator fly head on the market for use with either tube or hook based fly patterns. Being soft and flexible it will not shatter if the head of the fly is bitten by a predator fish. The Soft Head also solves the problem of creating messy epoxy heads for baitfish patterns with long drying times. The Soft Heads are also becoming popular with Bass, Salmon and Steelhead fisherman for cutting edge fly designs. Fits: All hooks and tubes up to 3mm XS: 4mm eyes (11 heads/pack) SM: 6mm eyes (10 heads/pack) ME: 8mm eyes (9 heads/pack) LG: 10mm eyes (8 heads/pack)


Category: Heads

Type: Prosportfisher Soft Heads

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