Pro Sportfisher Nymph Backs


These are Stonefly "Wing Buds", preprinted, precut and domed with UV-gloss. Combined with the Pro Two-toned Nymph Rib, you have a perfect kit for creating realistic looking stone flies in actually no time... The Stone Fly Nymph Backs consists of three individual pieces, each one numbered with, 1, 2 and 3 – the idea is that "No.1" should reach all the way to the eye of the hook, "No. 3" is tied in reversed and flipped backwards and tied in - "No. 2" is tied in-between 1 and 3, this gives the correct proportions of the original stonefly. It is then up to you how much extra you want, legs etc. but still a "five-minutes-stonefly" that looks like a one-hour tie! Available in three colour mixes in five sizes. XX SMALL - 16 flies X SMALL - 16 flies SMALL - 14 flies MEDIUM - 12 flies LARGE - 10 flies


Category: stonefly

Type: Pro Sportfisher Nymph Backs

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