Pro Sportfisher Gammarus Shellback


The Prosportfisher gammarus shells are precut for giving your fly a realistic and easy to tie look. Use a curved hook, add some weight, some dubbing and a rib and you are ready to tie a perfect gammarus or shrimp imitation in no time – a true killer for both freshwater and saltwater fly fishing. Gammarus nymphs are deadly for trout & grayling and indeed for Scandinavian coastal fishing for sea trout or sea run browns, so a gammarus pattern is a “must-have-in-the-box” pattern when fishing. Pack Sizes of Gammarus Shell Backs Size Length Quantity Per Pack XSmall 14mm 18 Small 19mm 18 Medium 23mm 15 Large 28mm 15


Category: Gammarus

Type: Pro Sportfisher Gammarus Shellback

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