New Age Holo Flash


A unique blend of Krinkle Flash, holographic tinsels, and UV fibers, New Age Holo Flash combines lifelike action and realism with shimmering colors to produce excellent baitfish patterns for steelhead, salmon, and saltwater species. This holographic fly-tying flash is made from Krinkle Flash which provides a textured appearance, mimicking fish scales, the holographic tinsels attract attention underwater, while the UV fibers provide reflective qualities, even in low-light conditions. In 01-green apple, 02-amberstone, 03-orange crush, 04-gold stone, 05-yellow yummy, 06-midnight rainbow, 07-kaleidoscope, 08-winter run blue, 09-winter run purple, 10-sparkling wine. USA.


Category: Flash, Regular Price

Type: Flash

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