Mclean Salmon 3XL Rubber Mesh Weigh Net


Designed for large Rainbow Trout, Pike, Sea Trout and Salmon. Weighing scales are concealed in a watertight compartment inside the net handle. Scales measure up to 50lb.

Pear shaped extra sturdy fixed frame net with bronze anodised finish. Rubber grip handle and in-built weighing scales to 50lb. Maximum net opening 33in. Carried with built-in adjustable sling.

  • Frame: 34in x 27in
  • Handle Length: 44in Sliding
  • Overall Reach: 80in
  • Built-in adjustable sling
  • New Fish Friendly Rubberised Knotless mesh
  • Easy to wash - Protection against invasive species
  • Soft flexible rubber - Minimises fish stress / tangled hooks
  • UV Proof - Tough and long lasting

Collections: Nets

Type: Mclean Salmon 3XL Rubber Mesh Weigh Net

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