Flymen Fish Skull


Sizes Fish-Skulls are available in 2 sizes (Small, Small-Medium). The range fits hooks ranging from as small as a #8 (small freshwater/trout streamers) up to big #1). Size SMALL for hook sizes typically #8, #6, #4. Size SMALL-MEDIUM for hook sizes typically #4, #2, #1. Note: Fish-Skull has been sized using ‰ÛÏstandard‰۝ length saltwater hooks as a reference point. However, due to the wide variance in hook sizes and shapes found between the different hook manufacturers, this only provides general guidance to the hook sizes suitable for each size skull. Those sizes highlighted in Redare generally found to be the best hook size; however we suggest you experiment to find the optimum hook for the particular fly pattern you wish to tie.


Category: Flymen, Regular Price

Type: Fish Skulls

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