Fishpond Pack It Out Microtrash Container


At fishpond, we believe in the ‰ÛÏripple effect‰۝ - responsible stewardship of the environment, where every small act counts. So we‰۪ve developed a revolutionary accessory to help everyone Pack It Out - to manage the microtrash generated while fishing. For responsible anglers it‰۪s as essential as clippers and net. Patent Pending.

‰ۢ Rugged, durable, recyclable construction with unique elastomeric cap readily accepts paper and plastic wrappers, drowned cigarette butts, etc.
‰ۢ Specially designed to facilitate containment of waste monofilament line and tippet, which can endure in the wild for hundreds of years
‰ۢ Dual attachment provisions ‰ÛÒ can be clipped to a fabric loop or belt,or attached to a D-ring or fishing lanyard

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