Cortland Precision Switch Fly Lines


Switch rods are increasingly popular. They can be used as both a single- and double-hander and the lines designed for them can be used for overhead casts and speycasts. This makes them highly versatile with applications for summer salmon and sea-trout on smaller rivers where there is little room for a back cast. They can be used to add distance to casts with bigger flies or, in the lighter sizes, try roll casts on rivers with teams of wet-flies or nymphs. The Precision Switch has a 57 ft. head with a colour change at 45 ft. that marks the optimum casting point. A 12 ft. rear taper helps you to mend the line and execute roll-casts. The tip diameters are over-sized to help you to turn over bulky flies. The line has a strong Super Fused welded loop. Colours: Sky-blue head/ivory running line.

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