Cortland Precision Competition Nymph Fly Lines


The Cortland Precision Competition Nymph line has bee uniquely engineered to help the nymph specialist create ultra-precise presentations and achieve the highest degree of strike detection, sensitivity, and accuracy ‰ÛÒ this is the perfect line for French, Czech and high-stick nymphing styles where the fly-line is held off the water. The ultra-thin limp core and supple coating allow excellent drape over the rod tip, which increases sensitivity. Fine tip diameters and an elongated front taper allow light rigs to be cast with accuracy, and prevent the line from bellying ‰ÛÒ dragging the flies out of the drift on longer casts. The fine tip also means there is no need for extra-long monofilament leaders, yet the complex taper provides enough energy to make accurate longer casts and turn over multiple fly rigs. Colour: Light moss.

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