Welcome to Killerloopfishing, We are a Fly Fishing Outfitter And Guiding Service

We are Based in Hull, England and we have a small dedicated friendly team which are full to the brim with passion, excitement and can help you with everything you need, no bad attitudes or egos here just great people.

We offer guided fly fishing adventures in Scotland, England, Ireland, Southern France, Northern Italy, Central Italy, Southern Italy, Central Japan, North West USA, Mid West USA, Eastern USA and both Western and Eastern Canada, Alaska, Iceland, Patagonia, Australia and New Zealand and many more.

Our team will happily help you with any query or supply any item from the following brands, Abel, Tibor, Thomas and Thomas, Nautilus Reels, Temple Fork Outfitters, Jim Teeny Lines, The Creek Company, Ross Reels, Veniards, Partridge, Prosportfisher, Vision, Rainys Flies, Fulling Mill, ThinkFish Fly Boxes, Rio Lines, Morell Fly Boxes, Tacky Fly Boxes, Richard Wheatley, Airflo, Veniards, Leatherman, Opinel, Kelly Kettle, Loon Outdoors, Fishpond, Redington, and Costa Del Mar Polarised Sunglasses. In addition to this we also have a wide variety of custom products which are unique to ourselves.

Alternatively if its guided fly fishing with or without accommodation we cater for a variety of different experiences for a variety of budgets as quality fly fishing should be available no matter the budget.

We also offer a range of Fly tying tools and materials, which are just a drop in the ocean as to what we can provide, email us a shopping list of what you would like, if we don't have it listed and every order over £25 comes with free postage and the sharpest prices.

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