Our own lake in the Franche Comte region is the base for fishing in and around the Wine Region of France, Based just outside Pontallier just 40 mins from Geneva airport, crystal clear waters, beautiful mountains wildlife and true peace and quiet an amazing relaxing location. In Franche Comté, there are 5350km of river. The principal rivers of the region are : the Doubs (430km), the Saône (356km), the Ognon (213km), the Ain (190km), the Loue (126km), the Seille (100km). In the Loue, there are many fish : trout, bruchets, ombres and perches. The principal tributaries of the Loue are the Lison and the Cuisance. The source of the Loue is in Ornans. In the Doubs, there are many fish : trout (fario and rainbow), brochet, ombres. The principal tributaries of the Doubs are the Loue and the drugeon. The source of the Doubs is in Mouthe. In the saone, there are many fish : brochet, common carp. The principal tributaries of the saone are the Doubs, Seille. The source of the saone is in Monts Faucilles. COSTS A weeks Fishing in this Region is £500 Per Guest This includes a Packed Lunch, Accommodation, Tackle Hire, Licences, Flies and the 5 Full Days Fishing We will Provide Travel and Airline Information Gear and equipment reccomendations Packing requirments Recommended Fly Patterns Fly Pattern Services Fishing information applicable to each destination Fishing advise on techniques related to the species you will be fishing for Weather and seasonal conditions Photographs will be provided by the guides, Information on tips and gratuity and we can arrange air travel for your groups just contact us if you want us to do this for you. 

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