Casting Clinic

So do you fancy improving your skills on the river ?
Yes but what will be cover?
On our two day courses, we will cover the following..........
Roll cast, Switch cast, Single Spey, Double Spey, Snake Roll, Snap T, Skagit Casting, Overhead Cast, Spey casting in saltwater and Single handed Spey.


We will guide you and give you all the advice you need, no egos, just proper advice from years worth of experience gained by our staff over years of professional guiding not just in the U.k. but all over the world.

This can benefit your fishing enormously and allow you to get more out of those days or season tickets , or be a stepping stone into really being ready to take a trip to one of our further flung destinations for a once in a lifetime experience and squeeze ever last drop of adventure from your trip.

Along with all the individually tailored advice, at the end of each day we can all get together and review the video from multiple angles of each persons casting individually or in a group to summarise how things have progressed with your casting, So as to keep things light whilst we go through the days progress, In addition to this there will be fine rarer Single Malt Whiskys to sample , soft drinks for any designated drivers unless we are providing the transport in which case all guests are welcome to partake and enjoy the whole experience, share stories and enjoy themselves.

Optional Rivers choose from the following rivers, Spey, Findhorn, the Tay

Optional Dates 10th and 11th of April 2018 on the Spey or Findhorn, please indicate your preference when booking.

In addition

May the 2nd and 3rd 2018 on the Tay

and then back to the Findhorn River on the 15th and 16th of June 2018 

(These Rivers do not require an EA licence as this does not exist in Scotland)

We can provide accommodation, in the case of the highland rivers accommodation can be provided if necessary within the area and includes a full Scottish breakfast made from local produce and more than likely some fine Stornaway black pudding, which will fill you up ready for a day or two's casting.

(accommodation can be provided at an additional but reduced rate).

During your time spent with us there will be plenty of opportunities to test out new gear from all kind of manufacturers from all over the world, a top quality river lunch will be provided and plenty tea and coffee on the go all day. New fly patterns to try and maybe even find out how to go home and tie your own new found secret weapons, advice on what needs to be in your box and when they should be used.

Free sample products to take away with you, a cracking 15 percent off any products bought if you are attending the course, whether before or on the days themselves.

There will be a prize for the furthest cast and another prize for the biggest fish caught as not only will this course be all about casting but a great opportunity to catch some beautiful fish, so a little added incentive and some healthy competition and fun.

£200 per person per Course
Price does not include: Gratuities, evening stay, evening drinks, and travel costs.

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